23 December 2011

Life Should Be Inspiring


For some people, life is just going to work, make sure the work done and get paycheck at the end of the month. This lifestyle has been embedded into our daily life from the moment we were born. Our school system is made to produce very good worker. Our mentality has been set up to study hard so as to be able to secure a high-paying job. That's how our society is doing.

Unfortunately (fortunate for me), this system has not work for me anymore. I don't feel right continue doing this anymore. I want to grab my life back and venture the future to where I want to go. I do not want to follow the 'crowd' anymore.

I want to learn as long as I want.
I want to do what I believe, than to force myself doing thing that I don't believe.
I want to wake up every morning with burning inspiring spirit.
I want to wake up eagerly to go to work.
I want to feel satisfied with what I am doing!



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