02 February 2012

If you have to choose..


It is bad that we live by following what has been prepared for us. Is it good?

Well, as for me, I seem to follow what has been told to me along the path of my past life. When I entered into school, I was told to earn highest mark. I was told that those who get the highest mark are those that hard-working, disciplined, and brilliant. Everybody praises and some envy those who earn higher marks.

I was not really interested to get the highest mark, as I was lazy.. last-minute.. and not so brilliant after all. But, alhamdulillah, Allah has made my life easier while some others struggles in front of my eyes. Fortunately, without much struggle, I managed to score in PMR exam with my last-minute memory bullets. Having score less meaning you left with few choices, and having score higher meaning more better schools to choose from.

But.. I was told that I should stay and continue study for the school. Flourish the school's name as the teachers had helped you flourish. I pause.. I want to study science. Science is a subject that I love the most. I love exploring and venturing. That's why I made bold choice by transferring into another school which offer me science subjects in SPM. Is it good?

Well, I love the subjects. Kimia.. is such a peanut. Fizik.. quite a challange but still able to kick. Matematik.. too easy. Add Math.. awesome! I love the subject so much. Very mind challenging, yet winnable. But.. I dont understand why I has to learn Language, History. So, cut story short, I managed to pull quite a good score in my SPM.

But for the next life junction of choice.. I kept following what has told by others. I do not regret of following such decisions, but now.. I made my own choice once again. And I hope.. if I failed, I failed early and cheap so that I can continue learn what the lessons has had for me. If I win, I win big and satisfying so that I will keep fighting and learning..

I won't stop learning, whatever blockstones await for me.
And.. I hope to learn everything that I love the best I can.


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