13 February 2012

Survival Mode to Champion Mode!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah. Today will mark a significant date of my simple life. A history to be made. From living in survival mode into living to the fullest and riskiest, champion mode.

When I woke up everyday, I used to feel lazy and unmotivated. I always thought, "Why is life being like this?". I don't feel the energy and enthusiasm to go to work. After working for almost 4 years, it has become more of a routine to me rather than something exciting to do. My life, my hobbies, my time, my family, and especially my dream, all gone and sacrificed to this job. Even with that much sacrifice made, I feel even more distant and awkward with the job. Becoming a specialist has long been gone, when I analyzed myself if a specialist is a suitable career for me to pursue. It is not my dream to become a specialist in the first place either. It is just the path where most people go when they are in my position. However, as with the common belief, working paycheck to paycheck is the only security for my life. The mindset that if I am not continue with this job, I would have no paycheck and I am doomed. So, basically.. I just continue with the job to ensure financial security and debt payment. In the other word, to survive. I bet most of the people that I met has the same dilema as me, despite what they say.

So, as time pass by, I felt more empty and unsatisfied. I feel that I don't grow anymore and my life has been so dull, stagnant and boring! With more and more problems proped up into my life, until I feel like unworthy to live in this world, I am finally said to myself.. "Enough is ENOUGH!!".

So, here I am.. walking in this unchartered and feared path by many, with big hope and big dream of becoming a champion myself one day. This is my champion mode to be turned ON!


Anonymous said...

Hi dr. all the best to you and your fly. you have the guts to make this decision, is not something most people can/will do huh. even any decision you made, might be correct or wrong, don't stop going forward.

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