07 August 2011

Recomended Android Apps ... from me.


Basically, I has been using Samsung Galaxy S2 for almost 5 weeks now. Has been feeling good using this device. But I had to tell ya that.. I had drop this phone for quite few times due to its slim design. That's because I am not buying any phone casing yet. Hehe, I save the best for last.

Just to be clear, I had one issue now. I don't know why it keeps notify me that my SD card is blank. The message : SD card blank or has unsupported file systems. Well, it seem to happen in all the android device to like HTC, Motorola, etc. I will update once I find the solution for this.

So, back to the topic. My recommended apps would be...

1. 3G Watchdog

This is really a great apps because you can monitor how much data have been used. If you subscribed for 1Gb data plan per month, then you must be worried that you might exceed the limit accidentally. With this app, you know how much have you use and how much more can you download/use. And.. it is free!

2. Waze

This is a GPS-customer generated maps. They provide a blank map without road, and they encourage you to draw road on their map. You will rewarded for that. And yes.. it is like playing game when you use it. It makes you to subconsciously open your GPS and start this apps to function when you start your car engine. Hehe. There are few more interesting features as well. You can report traffic jam, heavy rain, police trap, and few more. And it is also .. free.

So, that's all for now. Thank you for droping by.


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