21 July 2011

The First Time Is Always Expensive..


While being the first, some of us do anticipated to be one. However, for experience, getting the first experience is always expensive.. and it is more expensive when you've jump into it without knowledge and preparation.

When I had my first car.. it is never in my mind that the car might broke at the roadside in the middle of the night. Thinking of such event to occur, I am only believe that it is just in the TV. But, when it comes, it come and you've got to face it defenceless.. I still believed that I was getting cheated by the mechanic.

Now.. my next big thing would be in property. Uhuhuhu... I am scared. And I just thought that I got spinned again. Argh! Well... my first experience is always expensive financially..

*I will make some review on SGS2 later. ;-)


Anonymous said...

biasalah terkena....

beli kereta terkena..

beli rumah tak berapa terkena, tapi bila renovate kena sungguh2!!!

sanggup depa!

-cikgu am-

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