13 July 2011

Getting My First Smartphone....

Assalamualaikum. Thanks for reading..

I am really happy... dreams do come true. It really does..

The Story..
After years of waiting and keeping my dream inside my chest, it is finally come into reality. It is my very nature that I love technology. I love desktop and computers years ago, that I used my study loan money to buy one. Quite a handsome amount of money leak out. Around RM2500.. Ghehehe.. Sorry, PTPTN.

But, then, I got job. And, I got a decent amount of money (Yap, I paid back my PTPTN, okey!).Yea.. it is so irresistible every time I walk down to computer shop. But not so fast, I have to 'donate' my desktop to my brother & sisters at home. It is when my long craving for a laptop became so unbearable. After few months of saving, I managed to buy 15" Dell Studio laptop.. via online. After heart-pounding waiting of 2 weeks, then I received my order box at my office (or should I say.. hospital's ward!). Again.. another RM3500 gone. Just like that.
"Well.. quite some big chunk of money flew away, don't you think?"
Not really.. I am feeling great spending those money. Hehe. Not because of the spending, but because of having those awesome technology at my hand. At first, I thought I am done with technology. I thought my life has complete, but I was wrong..

Day by day, I keep seeing people bringing technology with them everywhere and everytime. And, what they brought is not just old-fashioned gadget, but hey.. it is SMARTPHONE! Even though I had high-end laptop in my house, but I can't put it inside my pocket. And, I keep seeing people showing off their... iPhone.. Nokia N8.. Sony Xperia.. iPhone 3G.. then, HTC Desire...

Argh...!!! How to resist such temptation!

Again, I failed voluntarily.. Succumb to those trend, I started looking out for my own smartphone. And, started saving up some money.. I search, and search, and research... finally, my heart felled in love with Samsung Galaxy S2. At that time around, it has not arrived in Malaysia. But already launched in Korea, so I wait. Keep those money, and wait..

When it did arrived on 22th July, Maxis took the privilege first but with only 1 year warranty. Samsung Exclusive Dealer had offer 2 years warranty, which a big factor for me to buy from them. And, some of them do give free gift (bluetooth head set). So, I went to Puchong 1Utama at Damansara and bought one.. but claim for a very hot gadget, you have to wait as usual. Pay RM100 for pre-order, and I waited for 5 days when they gave me a call..
"Encik, handphone encik sudah sampai. Boleh mari ambik lo.." 
Paying full of RM2099 and subscribed to Celcom Data plan of RM38/month for 1Gb, I feel it is my best choice. Bringing back home my Samsung Galaxy S2, I presented to you guys what have I got.. let's have a look..

 (This small box.. worth a RM2k of money. Well, it travels a long way from Korea though. That's why..)

(Woooohohoho... very gorgeous....!)
Ignore the date coz I had bought it earlier on, but these are what inside that tiny little cute box...
  • The smartphone, my Samsung Galaxy S2 of course. 
  • Black palm-size box.
  • Earphone (with additional ear pieces).
  • Battery (just one).
  • Charger. 
  • Warranty card (but Samsung has registered me from their own SEP).
  • Small Guide Book.
  • And.. a blue Samsung bag.
Final Words..
Never regret of buying this product. The power of Super AMOLED screen is very stunning! Yet, it is so fast and smooth. Even a depressed suicidal-thought person might got euphoria with this in hand!

Alhamdulillah.. Wait for my next topic on how do I handle this awesome gadget for the first time. Thanks for dropping by. Do give me your thought.. ;-)


aYa said...

Lepas ni gadget apa plak..? Ipad2? Or any tablet?

BaYu said...

kamik pakai samsung galaxy 3 aje...

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