04 July 2011

Finally.. My New 'Wife'.


Finally.. I get a hold on the best-performance smartphone in the world, Samsung Galaxy S2. I considered it as my new 'wife' (Don't get me wrong. It is just a metaphor. No one could replace my wife, she is perfect for me.), that even my real wife got jealous. Huahahaha..


It has been my intention to buy high-end phone ever since I got this job. But as I don't want to rush into things as I used to be, I go slowly. I love computer and gadget, which not very surprising for male species, I think. It took me 1 year and half to change my old PC to a new branded laptop, Dell Studio 15. With new Windows 7 operating system, I just love it and never feel regret of spending every cent of it.

But handphone.. just a RM50 worth of today's money. Very simple, very basic, very boring. But I keep my eyes on the new phone.. but I still waiting. I don't know when to change to new better phone, but as money never enough, I just keep that wish in heart..

Then, my friends and my co-workers start showing their glaring smartphones. That's when I came to believe that what I read in internet about all those smartphones are really approaching into my life. Seeing them using iPhone.. using Nokia N8.. then.. Sony Xperia.. Ooo my god! What a temptation! How can I resist on such peer pressure when it is my long deep desire to own too...

Then, I started my research.. which phone worth buying.. At first, my initial budget was less than RM1000. I thought that just enough for calling, SMS, and some few entertainment would suffice for me. Along the way, I found out that I need to add GPS on my phone too. Then, the budget rise.. RM1500.. RM1750.. RM2000.. until, argh! I don't care how much as long as I got this phone, Samsung Galaxy S2!

At that time, it has not released yet in Malaysia. But, has released in Korea.. So, I wait.. put some saving, and wait.. Other rival companies tried to steal my money with their.. Motorola Atrix.. LG Optimus 2X.. iPhone 4.. but my heart has already fall in love with this one. Nothing changed! (Actually, I am quite a loyal guy, Eceeeh!)

Until it launched in Malaysia on 22 June 2011. I still remember that day, Wednesday, I felt all the excitement to buy it but still.. I do research on which way best to buy..

Then, I decided to pay full RRP RM2099 with add Data plan RM38/1Gb on my Celcom number. To me, paying low for Maxis but becamed hooked with their contract is not wise at all. Their monthly payment is monstrous! Celcom still has the best coverage, and I am satisfied so far.

There you go.. a Samsung Galaxy S2, finally, on the palm of my hand. Really love it! It's worth buying! But, I do remember that technology move very fast. Once you have money, just buy what satisfying you already. Waiting for better phone will never end. New and newer better phone will keep coming..

*If you have any question about the phone, just ask me on comment below.


amin said...

i pun nak 'new wife' he he...

aYa said...

mesti lepas ni kehidupan lebih sempurna...wah..
upload la gamba samsung galaxy s2 tu..pasni boleh update blog kat sgs2 la..pastu jgn lupa buat review psl new wife tu..
*da dpt new wife, fiza n ank2 jgn terabai lak..leka gak kalo main mende nih..

DrSatriaN said...

InsyaAllah.. akan kubuat review khas untuk Samsung Galaxy S2 tu.

k_muhajir92 said...

X) khairil pun nak gak.. X)

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