07 July 2011

Life Has Changed!


Life has surely changed.

Long time ago, when I was a kid, it is very safe for me to go around the 'kampung' with bicycle alone from one end to one end. But now, it is not safe even at home. Would you lock your door when you're at home? I will. With a lot of news about home-breaking nowadays, it is scary to how evil people can go when you kneel at their foot..

Life has changed for how we communicate too..

Long time ago.. people need to go out of home to reach each other. People do write letters to tell how theirs doings. Postmen was quite famous and respected some time ago.. But now, do we write letter anymore to our parent? No way! Just give a phone call, and you're done. Both satisfied. Isn't it? Now, people don't have to go out to know how their friends' doings. Just log on Facebook, and there you see what they think and what they're doing. It is soooooo easy for you to express what you feel. Just type, and wholla.. hundreds of people will see what you think.

But.. luckily, one thing remain... when we tired, we still need to sleep. And I need to sleep now.. coz I am oncall tomorrow!


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