21 January 2011

Bercuti di KL bersama keluarga..

Hehe.. orang lain balik bercuti di kampung, tapi aku plak bawa keluarga bercuti ke KL. Hehe..

Sebenarnya, esok aku ada kursus setengah hari di Hospital Sg Buluh. Kursus 'Medical Update". Boleh la jumpa MO/specialist yang aku selalu call untuk refer kes. Hehe.

But.. it is quite a tiring day today. Having to drive from Sg Besar to KL which took me 4 hours, including going from place to place, it is sure made you flat, just like when you see a newborn with no response. You would shout...

"Baby FLAT!!!"

Now... it is me. I'm FLAT!!

Anyway, it is great to bring my mom & dad go sight-seeing in KL and get together with other siblings.
Thank you.. Got to be ready for Course tomorrow.


amin said...

jom dtg rumah FLAT...

Daddy Ziyyad said...

memang terasa nikmat bercuti even sehari, masa aku keja hospital dulu..hihihi

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