08 June 2011

Dream.. Write Them Down!


Recently, my mind has traveling around the idea of what kind of life exactly that I want. I just keep blaming and accusing the current job for the unhappiness that I experience in life now. Maybe I should just blame KKM for making this kind of working system for doctors, while they stayed 8-5 at their cool air-cond equipped offices. Whatever....!

So, then I suddenly tapped into a book that I bought on 14 August 2007 (while I am still studying, and 'dying' at that time).. Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams, written by Steven K. Scott.

One of his idea is that, you need to write down your dream. You need to see it in pictures, or text, or anything that you can see. While it is dream, and usually it is mental pictures, it won't go anywhere if you don't make it into visual picture. While your brain can imagine and 'see' it, but your very own eyes need to see it!

Ok.. then, I started follow his advise.

Hm. I like it though. It is nice experience, and I was at great depressive mode at that time. Visualizing your dream and jot it down into pictures, are really emotional-changing activity. I feel much happier, and have regained back my self confidence and hope.

Thanks. I like it.


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