21 June 2011

Never Stop Learning..


For me, it is always good to learn. You can learn anything, but as long as your intention and your way of learning is lawful and right, it is never wrong.

After leaving my studying time in university, I feel good that I am at work now. But I can't denied how good does it feel to learn something that interest you. For me.. doing work and studying at the same time is just the dream that I would love to embrace. What's wrong with that? Nothing wrong, as long as you can managed to balance on both side.

I don't know why, but deep down inside my chest, I am always struck with interest when it is about .. business, investment, profit.. which translate into.. money.. money.. money. Hahaha. But it is true, while I am near drowning with my cumulative debts, which I don't know when they are all will gone, I love the thought that I can be debt-free and earn a decent amount of money each month to enjoy life.

Am I wrong? I don't know, but learning all those is just what make me feel good. It is always feeling good when you learn something new, isn't it?

Lately, PUNB is going to launch a 2 days program on how to manage your finance and account. It costs you RM450! But, hey.. they are professionals and they will teach you their high-valued knowledge. I don't mind coz I have money for that.. at least.. hm, maybe. Never mind, I will seek 5-6 locums to settle that payment. Hehe..

Check it oout!!


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