23 June 2011

RM5000 pay?


Few days back, I've got approach from one of the biggest polyclinic in Malaysia (I thought so). It was the big boss who came to see me with some of his 'underlings'. Wow.. it was some experience for me.

It was started when I gave a call to their headquarters in Kedah, and put inquiry if they are taking chance to recruit new doctor under their company. Well, as you can guess, they were so pleased and welcomed me so much.

Not too long, their CEO had drive through all their way from Kedah down to Selangor, to see me. But I am not the only one, as they had other 2 interested people in Johor that they will meet soon.

So, by the time they reach my hospital (I had to make the meeting in my hospital as I am working that day), I saw their black sporty car with big tyres. Wow.... it is like some VIP guy that had arrived. And, I quickly greeted them to our discussion table (canteen's table, to be exact, ghee he he).

After talk... and talk.... and talk... they let me had my decision later. So, they left me with some few things that bug me till today..

Will a salary pay of RM5000 for 6 working days per week (with 3 days extended till 9pm) is worth the money?

I don't know.. It sounds nice, and not too low as you are back up with 30% profit sharing of your clinic revenue. But it is time that concern me. Is it worth the time to sacrifice when I have so much plans to do when I resign.. How about my dream to pursue study in business? How about my curiosity to attend seminars/talks/courses later on? How to give my full attention to my family? How am I going gardening like that? I don't know.. well, at least I am rest assured that I had my income secured with so much less of burden and hassle of hospital works and oncalls.

Should I sacrifice my youth's curiosity and learning eagerness with work, work, work, money, money, money?

I don't think so, but which is the best choice now for me? Quite difficult to answer. I have so much books to read, I have a bundle of seminars/talks I would love to attend to (which I have to postpone till I resign), I wish to join some training which later I could open up my own clinic/health centre, I would love to go gardening/farming and make it into business, and so much more.. All these dreams and ambitions, should I let them go? Or is there any other way around...?

Well, those two niggling question marks were quite disturbing, but yet there are some other more.

Does it worth the pay?


Anonymous said...

RM 5000 plus 30% profit doesn't sound much.

DrSatriaN said...

Yap. I thought it so. It's equivalent with RM30/hour pay and you only had 4-5 free days per month. And.. it is time that concern me. Hm.. thanks for giving a thought.

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