12 June 2011

Keep Going..


Although, it is the same dull and numb everyday job, I still have to continue. It's not that I neglet my patients and my treatments, it's just that I have no more passion into what I am doing now. This is not my dream. (What? Still dreaming while you are an adult now? - So what! it is equivalent to innovation and creativity. But of course, it started with imagination, the other word for dream.)

I will keep going. As my financial status has not recommend me to quit just yet. I am sorry, KKM. My passion is not here, but in business. I will later jump on to business. I will. Will I be success? I don't care. It is just a matter to pursue my real dream, and getting more of my own life.



Zie said...

go for it doc!!..as long as u hv strong determination, everything will be seen as a challenge..always be positive..:)

aYa said...

tp aku rasa seorang doktor yg hebat drSatrian..pape p0n, choose the best for you..nak tggu apalah yg nak dibuat oleh ayah nabihah nih..

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